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Pajarito Powder Announces Release of PHC-3000 Engineered Carbon Support at Hannover-Messe

April 25th, 2016 • Posted by PPC • Permalink

Albuquerque, NM USA, Pajarito Powder, LLC a leader in precious-metal-free catalysts, announces the commercial availability of the reformulated PHC-3000 Engineered Carbon Support (ECS). Pajarito Powder released technical specifications and pricing of the newly reformulated ECS product.

The Engineered Carbon Support (ECS) provides customers with high-power density requirements a unique solution for low-platinum catalysts, allowing for both increased activity at low levels of platinum and strong End-Of-Life (EOL) performance. Durability, in terms of resistance to carbon corrosion, as well as stability, is improved. Preliminary test results of PHC-3000 loaded with low levels of Pt (0.1mg/cm2) show significantly reduced drop-off in activity after the accelerated stress test utilized by the automotive industry.

The PHC-3000 is specifically engineered to assist low-loaded platinum catalysts and designed to bolster BOL performance, while providing longevity in high power applications. PHC-3000 has been in pre-release availability for select customers and is now broadly available for evaluation and purchase.

“Pajarito Powder’s extensive know-how and engineering experience with carbon catalyst products have led to this point, where Engineered Carbon Supports mark the path forward to reduced cost and higher-performing catalysts.” said Thomas J. Stephenson, Pajarito Powder, LLC’s, CEO & Chairman.

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