Dr Barr Zulevi Invited to Present at ARPA-IONICS

Pajarito Powder CTO Barr Zulevi is invited to present at the ARPA-E IONICS annual meeting in Washington, D.C., on March 29-30, 2018. Dr. Zulevi will be one of three panelists offering insight to attendees, on topics ranging from being an ARPA-E awardee to advancements in electrochemistry.

“Widespread commercialization of electrochemical devices begin with improved efficiency of materials and ARPA-E IONICS is appropriately situated to make this happen,” explained Pajarito Powder CTO and President Barr Zulevi, “I am very humbled and excited to participate.

The purpose of the IONICS initiative, which stands for the Integration and Optimization of Novel Ion-Conducting Solids, is to “pave the way for technologies that overcome the limitations of current battery and fuel cell products by creating high performance separators and electrodes built with solid ion conductors.” The accelerated development of devices built with high performance ion-conducting solids will increase commercial deployment of electrochemical storage devices, improving the performance and capabilities of carbon-free sources such as wind and solar power.

The potential impact of IONICS is three-fold, supporting Security, Environmental and Economic concerns for the U.S.

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