Pajarito Powder Attends NM Department of Transportation Autonomous Vehicle Summit

Members of the Pajarito Powder team were invited to attend the NM DOT first ever Autonomous Vehicle Summit, hosted on March 29th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Albuquerque, NM.

“Autonomous vehicles represent an inexorable force towards the adoption of fuel cells in vehicles; power-hungry AI and sensors are a symbiotic match for the easy energy density offered by fuel cells,” stated Pajarito Powder CEO and Chairman, Thomas Stephenson.

The summit featured presentations by representatives from Toyota Motor Corporation, Peloton Technology, and Embark – who notably have been delivering smart refrigerators from El Paso to Palm Springs, CA on I-10 using autonomous trucks. A human rides in the cab to monitor the computer and facilitate the out-of-town hook-up and transitions, but for the most part driving of the truck is fully automated.

The one-day event also featured commentary by State law enforcement agencies, liability and insurance authorities, and a summary about the opportunities for New Mexico.

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