PP Employees

Sam McKinney

Sam McKinney

Lead MEA Technician

  • Develops and optimizes electrode construction techniques tailored for VariPoreTM Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECSs), as well as other technologies licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratories, University of New Mexico, and Northeastern University.
  • Develops testing protocols for investigating various facets of MEA and catalyst construction.
  • Analyzes MEA test data and associated bookkeeping to measure progress.

Sam McKinney began working with Pajarito Powder as an intern in 2013 and has since moved into a position that facilitates our research in the direction of electrolyzer catalysts. His work enables real-world testing and evaluation of PGM-free catalysts and ECSs in both fuel cell and electrolyzer applications. Mr. McKinney is our ranking technician in the production of electrodes for PGM-free catalysts, and is currently working to optimize production at scale, as it relates to high- and low-voltage performances.


Washington University, St. Louis Missouri B.A. Biochemistry, 2013

Geoffrey McCool

Geoffrey McCool

Senior Project Engineer

  • Researches, develops and synthesizes electrocatalysts
  • Administers technology transfer and scale-up of electrocatalysts.

Geoff McCool began his research as a Senior Scientist at Nanostellar, where he improved diesel oxidation and NO oxidation catalysts. As a senior Product Engineer with Pajarito Powder, Mr. McCool has been developing and scaling up both PGM and PGM-free fuel cell and electrolyzer catalysts, to meet the United States Department of Energy targets for platinum reduction, as well as meeting other customer specifications. Mr. McCool takes pride in the notion that his position involves incrementally and iteratively making improvements with catalysts that provide clean energy and a sustainable future.


U. C. Davis, M.S. Materials Science 2004
CSU Hayward, B.S. Chemistry, 2001

Kyle Ellis

Kyle Ellis

Process Catalyst Manufacturing Manager

  • Provides scalability and increased capacity solutions for Pajarito Powder.
  • Creates Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and introduces new equipment to match increased catalyst production needs
  • Addresses production needs and engineers workable, cost effective solutions for ventilation, plumbing, filtration and waste management.
  • Optimizes manufacturing process by reducing/recycling waste stream outputs and increasing throughput at key manufacturing steps.

Kyle Ellis began his career working for Sartomer Company as a Chemical Production Operator, producing Polybutadiene products under the Ricon Brand. Upon moving to New Mexico, Mr. Ellis worked as Field Chemist for Rinchem under contract to Sandia National Laboratories, where he specialized in Hazardous Chemical identification in the field and led teams to pack and ship hazardous waste for disposal.

Before joining the team at Pajarito Powder, Mr. Ellis most recently served as Production Facilities Manager for xF Technologies, another New Mexico venture backed company. In this position, he led a team of engineers, chemists and technicians in a pilot facility, producing novel biofuels and green chemical platforms from renewable biomass. Lastly, Mr. Ellis has led regulatory efforts through the EPA to obtain a Pre-Manufacturing Notice (PMN), prior to producing chemicals listed under Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


Fort Lewis College, B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry, 2010

Mikaela Dicome

Analytical Chemist

  • Characterizes various materials used in VariPoreTM Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECSs) and tests them to ensure quality.

Mikaela Dicome began her career as a Semi-Volatile Chemical Analyst working for Hall Environmental Analytical Laboratory where she prepared samples with standards, spikes, and solvents. Ms. Mikaela also worked as a Metals Analyst where she operated Inductively Coupled Plasma and Optical Emission Spectrometer for sample analysis.

Before joining the Pajarito Team, Ms. Dicome worked as a Water Quality Laboratory Analyst at Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority where she performed a wide variety of analytical tests like the Ion Selective Electrode analysis to measure for substances like ammonia.


Northern Arizona University, B.S. Chemistry Health Pre-Professional Extended, Chemistry

Henry Romero

Henry Romero Senior

Senior Manufacturing Technician

  • Synthesizes the compounds used for VariPoreTM Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECSs).
  • Optimizes catalyst development for fuel cells.

Mr. Romero began his career in computer electronics at TPL Inc. and has worked in powder manufacturing and processing since the early 1990s. His 25-year tenure in the industry has provided opportunities to work with many different types of powders, equipments and processes, making him both confident in his work and well rounded in his knowledge base.

Pajarito Powder team is Mr. Romero’s 3rd startup, and he has been with the company for over six years.


ITT Technical Institute-Albuquerque, A.A.S Electronics, Computer Engineering 1992

M Bradford

Megan Bradford

Administration and Logistics

  • Purchases necessary materials for the company.
  • Manages domestic and international shipping of Pajarito Powder products.

Ms. Bradford began her career as a sales associate for Bisco Industries and soon branched out to join Pajarito Powder in 2016. She is certified in DOT HazMat General & Security Awareness; 49-CFR and IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods.


Central New Mexico Community College, A.A.S Integrated Studies University of New Mexico, Bachelor’s Degree