Thomas J. Stephenson

Board Chairman

Prior to co-founding Pajarito Powder in the spring of 2012, Mr. Stephenson was a co-founder of the Verge Fund in 2003, and currently serves as Managing General Partner in addition to his responsibilities with Pajarito Powder. Mr. Stephenson has worked with a number of current and past Verge portfolio companies, including Altela and Wellkeeper, and was previously on the Board of Directors of LabStart, a joint-venture entity created to assist in commercialization of technologies from Los Alamos National Laboratory, one of the sources of technology for Pajarito Powder. He previously served as a director and the lead investor for Mesofuel, a start-up company commercializing novel hydrogen reforming technologies for the fuel cell industry.


Dr. J. Byron McCormick

Dr. McCormick is widely regarded as one of the ‘founding fathers’ of modern mobile hydrogen fuel cells. He began his career in the Electronics Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he worked with many talented and mission-driven scientists on fuel cell technology. Dr. McCormick’s leap of considering fuel cells, which had played a role in getting a rocket to the moon, for use in automobiles, was borne of a desire to avoid another energy crisis like that of the late 1970’s. Dr. McCormick founded the Department of Energy’s Fuel Cells for Transportation program, where research in PEM fuel cell technology for future automotive applications was developed and funded.

Dr. McCormick worked at General Motors for three decades, where he formed and was Managing Director of Delco Propulsion Systems, which developed and commercialized the integrated electric propulsion systems, subsystems and component design for GM’s EV1 and S10 electric vehicles. Subsequently, forming and leading GM’s Global Alternative Propulsion Systems organization, which was responsible for all aspects of GM’s hydrogen and fuel cell development activities worldwide, was then incorporated into the main operating divisions of GM in preparation for the launch of GM’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Dr. McCormick retired from GM in 2008 and consults for various governments and corporations globally on sustainable energy initiatives through Prepared Minds International.


Paul Short

Mr. Short was a co-founder of Pajarito Powder, along with Mr. Stephenson. Mr. Short holds a BS and an MS in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University, and held positions with both NMSU’s Physical Science Laboratory and Honeywell as a Principal Engineer. Later he founded InnovASIC, a design services company that developed integrated circuits for other companies. Mr. Short later evolved InnovASIC from a services firm to a semiconductor producer that designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuits, earning over $5 million in revenue during a period of industry contraction. He was also the founder of Metaphor Computing and Chief Operating Officer of Altela, a water treatment equipment manufacturer. At Altela, he led the team that designed, manufactured, installed and tested the next generation product, generating $1.6M in revenue in one year.