Engineered Catalyst Support (ECS)

Pajarito Powder manufactures advanced catalyst support materials for use in fuel cell and (in some) electrolyzer applications. Using proprietary methods and materials, Pajarito Powder products improve fuel cell performance, extend working life and reduce the cost of fuel cells for the most demanding applications, including heavy-duty fuel cell vehicle applications. ECS is composed of inexpensive, widely available materials, manufactured economically at scale using the patented VariPore™ process. ECS materials enable highly specific platinum (platinum alloy) catalyst performance (activity) while combining high resistance to both carbon corrosion (durability) and platinum dispersion (stability). Superior PGM-adhesion is a fundamental property of these materials, while offering substantial improvements in overall catalyst performance.

Complete Catalyst Solutions:  PGM utilizing ECS

Pajarito Powder designs, develops and manufactures advanced catalysts utilizing our own Engineered Catalyst Supports™ with variable intrinsic characteristics that are tailored to specific customer requirements, such as highly graphitized or mesoporous and meta—doped materials with medium levels of graphaticity. Complete catalyst solutions incorporate advancements in PGM deposition, utilizing the intrinsic capabilities of the ECS material to improve durability and performance of the catalyst.

Engineered Electrolyzer Catalysts™ (EEC)

Pajarito Powder is developing new formulations of PGM and PGM-free catalysts for electrolyzer applications.

Please see past research, supported by a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E (Award DE-AR0000688).  Evaluation samples are available to select customers and partners. The inexpensive catalyst materials under development at Pajarito Powder offer the potential for lower capital and operating costs for electrolyzers, critical to broad deployment of clean, on-demand and on-site hydrogen production.

Precious-Metal-Free™ (PMF) Catalysts

Pajarito Powder’s world-leading commercial precious-metal-free catalysts provide a low-cost solution for low and moderate power density applications such as stationary or back-up power, CHP and waste-water treatment. PMF materials also offer the potential, given component, stack and system optimization- for the replacement of precious metals in fuel cell catalysts over the long term. Manufactured with the proprietary VariPore™ process, Pajarito Powder PMF catalysts achieve unprecedented activity, stability, and reasonable durability under real-world operating conditions, all at material and production costs that are dramatically lower than platinum-based catalysts. 

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