Geoffrey McCool

Geoffrey McCool

Senior Product Engineer

  • Researches, develops and synthesizes electrocatalysts
  • Administers technology transfer and scale-up of electrocatalysts.

Geoff McCool began his research as a Senior Scientist at Nanostellar, where he improved diesel oxidation and NO oxidation catalysts. As a senior Product Engineer with Pajarito Powder, Mr. McCool has been developing and scaling up both PGM and PGM-free fuel cell and electrolyzer catalysts, to meet the United States Department of Energy targets for platinum reduction, as well as meeting other customer specifications. Mr. McCool takes pride in the notion that his position involves incrementally and iteratively making improvements with catalysts that provide clean energy and a sustainable future.


U. C. Davis, M.S. Materials Science 2004
CSU Hayward, B.S. Chemistry, 2001

Patents, Publications and Presentations

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