Henry Romero

Henry Romero

Process Development Technician

  • Develops and improves process for powder manufacturing
  • Certifies quality and consistency of raw materials before production and during scaling
  • Develops best practices and procedures for powder production
  • Trains technicians and oversees technical work for powder manufacturing

Henry Romero has been working in powder and chemical manufacturing since the early 1990s with Motorola, where he processed ceramic filters and developed processes that tripled production for one of their products. Mr. Romero later worked for another startup called TPL, where he worked on a capacitor project, then for a third startup called SMP, where he began formulating catalysts for fuel cell projects.

Mr. Romero oversaw many projects with SMP and eventually became a supervisor, where he oversaw all operations in production, including inventory maintenance and personnel. Mr. Romero was a natural fit for developing technical processes for the scalable production of Pajarito Powder’s product, while maintaining quality assurance. Lastly, Henry plays a critical role in sale and delivery of the finished product to our customers.


ITT Tech, Albuquerque New Mexico, A.S. in Computer Electronics, 1991

Publications and Presentations

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