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Purpose: Notes from Design Lead including hex codes for colors and any other notes regarding design decisions made and why. This will help Engineers and understand the “why” behind the design choices made.


  • #000000
  • #ffffff
  • #0c6ca6
  • #6d6d6d
  • #f5d736



Font-Family & Weight


Font-Family & Weight


Notes directed to the engineers. Written by Engineers or WebDev for Engineers.

Adding Scripts for FB Pixel, Google Tag Manager etc:

If you need to add any kind of custom scripts, please navigate to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Custom Layouts > [Header/Footer] Scripts. Note: Footer scripts are aka “before closing body tag” scripts.

Paste your scripts in, then click update.

Elementor Keyboard Shortcuts

Click to see the full list here

Notes that apply specifically to web developers. For your future self or the developer behind you.

Site Structure:


  • Header was created using Astra Pro Theme Customizer. All edits to the global header will be done within the theme customizer.


  • The site global footer was created with Elementor Theme Builder. To edit the global footer + bottom bar, in the wp-admin sidebar under Elementor, go to Templates > Theme Builder. Click on ‘Global Footer Template’ and Edit with Elementor.

Blog Archive Page

  • The blog archive page is a static page that can be edited from the Pages list.

Archives Template

  • This template can be found in Templates > Theme Builder. This template is a catch all for category, author, date, comments, etc. archives pages generated by wordpress. If by any chance a user ends up on one of those pages, this template will display.

Single Post Template

  • There is a template in Templates > Theme Builder that styles the layout for blog posts. This layout will pull in dynamic content into the single blog post (i.e. featured image, post title, published date, pagination, back to archives button). Global layouts to blogs like adding a sidebar can be adjusted in theme settings > sidebar > blog post layout.
  • When adding a new post, clone an existing post and edit the content with Elementor. DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE:
    • Post Title
    • slug
    • Featured Image
    • Check proper category check-boxes if applicable.

404 Page Template

  • The 404 template was created with Elementer theme builder. To edit the 404 page go to Templates > Theme Builder. Click on 404 Page Template.


  • bt-bottom-bar-section – applied to bottom bar proactively. No custom CSS in use.
  • bt-global-footer-section – applied to bottom bar proactively. No custom CSS in use.
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