Kyle Ellis

Kyle Ellis

Process Improvement Engineer

  • Provides scalability and increased capacity solutions for Pajarito Powder
  • Creates Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and introduces new equipment to match increased catalyst production needs
  • Addresses production needs and engineers workable, cost effective solutions for ventilation, plumbing, filtration and waste management
  • Optimizes manufacturing process by reducing/recycling waste stream outputs and increasing throughput at key manufacturing steps.

Kyle Ellis began his career working for Sartomer Company as a Chemical Production Operator, producing Polybutadiene products under the Ricon Brand. Upon moving to New Mexico, Mr. Ellis worked as Field Chemist for Rinchem under contract to Sandia National Laboratories, where he specialized in Hazardous Chemical identification in the field and led teams to pack and ship hazardous waste for disposal.

Before joining the team at Pajarito Powder, Mr. Ellis most recently served as Production Facilities Manager for xF Technologies, another New Mexico venture backed company. In this position, he led a team of engineers, chemists and technicians in a pilot facility, producing novel biofuels and green chemical platforms from renewable biomass. Lastly, Mr. Ellis has led regulatory efforts through the EPA to obtain a Pre-Manufacturing Notice (PMN), prior to producing chemicals listed under Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).


Fort Lewis College, B.S. Chemistry/Biochemistry, 2010

Patents and Presentations

  • Efficient, high-yield conversion of saccharides in a pure or crude form to 5-(chloromethyl)-2-furaldehyde Patent number: 9102644. Patent Granted 2014
  • Imaging Tumor Progression Using Green Fluorescent Protein, Fort Lewis College April 2005.