Pajarito Powder Employee Profile Series: Dr. Alia Lubers

Dr Alia Lubers, Chief Engineer

July 31, 2017

Each member of the Pajarito Powder team brings skills, experience and a unique perspective, commensurate with the talent needed to produce game-changing technologies; this article is the first of a series that will showcase our talented team. Dr. Alia Lubers brings a unique background to her role as Pajarito Powder’s Catalyst Manufacturing Manager. Dr. Lubers comes from a prestigious academic background, receiving her formal training in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, two high-level research institutions in the United States.

As a manager, Dr. Lubers has the freedom to focus on the greater, overall direction of the manufacturing processes. Managing the technical team at Pajarito Powder, Dr. Lubers oversees all manufacturing processes as they relate to the scalability and quality assurance of Pajarito Powder’s products, supported by her formal training in chemical engineering. Dr. Lubers also coordinates with Pajarito Powder’s President & Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Barr Zulevi, in designing the processes for how highly customizable products are produced efficiently on a large scale. Lastly, Dr. Lubers is the Plant Safety Coordinator, which means she keeps the processing plant safe and operating efficiently.

After putting in the extra mile at the office, Dr. Lubers escapes to the outdoors for camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. Being adventurous provides Dr. Lubers opportunities to explore places like Vancouver, Canada and Kauai, Hawaii. After such excursions, she returns to the office with a clear mind and fresh perspective.

Dr. Lubers is also musically inclined, having played piano for 10 years and enjoying all varieties of live music. Her creative inclination proves beneficial in her position, especially developing novel processes for cutting-edge technologies. “Something that I really appreciate about working and living here in New Mexico is that I have the opportunity to explore many different creative endeavors” commented Dr. Lubers, referring to New Mexico’s reputation for a large proportion of workers in the creative economy.

Her long-term ambitions include future involvement in fuel cell automotive technologies, fulfilling a lifelong goal to make these technologies a consumer reality.

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