Pajarito Powder team participates in FC-PAD meeting.

January 14, 2020

Pajarito’s Chief Scientist and CTO, Alexey Serov and Barr Zulevi, participated in the FC-PAD semiannual meeting in support of the recently announced General Motors FC-PAD project for Heavy Duty Vehicles fuel cell electrode development.  

FC-PAD is the leading Automotive Fuel Cell development program within US Department of Energy (DOE) and their mission is “to aid in the understanding of—and lead to significant improvements in—fuel cell performance and durability.”

Recently FC-PAD began developing the tools, understanding, and technology needed to implement Heavy Duty Vehicles such as trucks, and Pajarito is excited to learn and contribute. The three new projects recently announced include veteran industry leaders General Motors, Ballard, and ambitious new comer Nikola Motor Company.

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