Sam McKinney

Sam McKinney

Lead MEA Technician

  • Develops and optimizes electrode construction techniques tailored for VariPoreTM Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECSs), as well as other technologies licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratories, University of New Mexico and Northeastern University
  • Develops testing protocols for investigating various facets of MEA and catalyst construction
  • Analyzes MEA test data and associated bookkeeping to measure progress.

Sam McKinney began working with Pajarito Powder as an intern in 2013 and has since moved into a position that facilitates our research in the direction of electrolyzer catalysts. His work enables real-world testing and evaluation of PGM-free catalysts and ECSs in both fuel cell and electrolyzer applications. Mr. McKinney is our ranking technician in the production of electrodes for PGM-free catalysts, and is currently working to optimize production at scale, as it relates to high- and low-voltage performances.


Washington University, St. Louis Missouri B.A. Biochemistry, 2013

Publications and Presentations

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