Sarah B. Hendrickson

Sarah B. Hendrickson

 Quality Control Scientist

  • Conducts analyses of products and materials, and interprets data associated with process development, customer product requests and grant funding
  • Manages and tracks product inventory
  • Performs calibrations and maintenance on analytical equipment

Sarah Hendrickson has over seven years of analytical experience in carbon chemistry. She is responsible for the characterization and data management of Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECSs), platinum and PGM-free catalysts. Previously, as a Research Engineer for an Albuquerque-based biochemical company, she optimized analytical methods for characterization of novel biofuel additives and platform chemicals. As a Research Assistant, she spent two seasons in South Africa isolating trace amounts of dissolved organic carbon on nonionic resin columns from fracture water in deep gold mines, to determine the carbon source for a newly discovered extremophile bacterial population, Desulforudis audaxviator.

Analytical experience: HPLC, Raman spectroscopy, FT-IR, XRD, surface area and pore size analysis by gas sorption, particle size analysis using DLS and HPLC-SEC, GC-FID, ICP-MS, Excitation emission matrix (EEM) fluorescence spectroscopy


New Mexico Tech, Professional Master of Hydrology, May 2019
George Mason University, Earth Science, B.S., May 2009

Publications and Presentations

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  • “Variations in microbial carbon sources and cycling in the deep continental subsurface”. Danielle N. Simkus, Greg F. Slater, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Kenna Wilkie, Thomas L. Kieft, Cara Magnaboscod, Maggie C. Y. Lau, Michael J. Pullin, Sarah B. Hendrickson, K. Eric Wommack, Eric G. Sakowski, Esta van Heerden, Olukayode Kuloyo, Borja Linage, Gaetan Borgonie, Tullis C. Onstott, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Volume 173, 15 January 2016, Pages 264-283.
  • “Phylogeny and phylogeography of functional genes shared among seven terrestrial subsurface metagenomes reveal N-cycling and microbial evolutionary relationships”. Maggie CY Lau, Connor Cameron, Cara Magnabosco, C Titus Brown, Faye Schilkey, Sharon Grim, Sarah Hendrickson, Michael Pullin, Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Esta van Heerden, Thomas L. Kieft, Tullis C Onstott. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2014
  • “Comparison of XAD and C-18 Methods for DOC Isolation in Groundwater.” Poster presentation at the New Horizons for International Investigations into the Deep Crustal Biosphere Conference. Bloemfontein, 2011
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