2016, Reflecting Back

January 12, 2017

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2016, Reflecting Back

January 12th, 2017 • Posted by PPC • Permalink

Pajarito Powder used 2016 to tailor its product offerings for maximum growth potential, cultivate key domestic and international industry relationships, and dramatically expand its international client base. The year’s activities provided ideal opportunities to incorporate industry feedback to further refine and strengthen the already well-received and respected Pajarito Powder product line.

Pajarito Powder is positioned for another year of robust expansion, and welcomes what will certainly be twelve months of hard work, building good will, and helping customers adopt the breakthrough technology the company is proud to offer.

Key events of 2016:

– Pajarito Powder selected for $2,790,000 ARPA-E Grant

Pajarito Powder was selected for award negotiation in 2015, and signed the contract and began work in 2016.

Senators Udall and Heinrich’s December 3, 2015 press release provides full details:

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich congratulated two New Mexico businesses on receiving $6.2 million to jump-start innovative energy projects. Pajarito Powder, based in Albuquerque, is receiving $2,790,000 to develop a cost-effective regenerative hydrogen electrode for fuel-cell vehicles…

– Dr. Jean-Paul Dodelet Joins Pajarito Powder Technical Advisory Board (February)

Pajarito Powder was pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Jean-Pol Dodelet to its Technical Advisory Board. Dr. Dodelet, a Professor of Physical Chemistry at L’Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) Canada received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1969 from L’Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). At INRS in the 1990s he became interested in non-noble metal electrocatalysts. In the last several years, Dr. Dodelet collaborated with General Motors as Industrial Research Chair in electrocatalysis, sponsored by General Motors of Canada and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

“Dr. Dodelet brings significant experience with non-noble metal electrocatalysts and electrocatalysis, which complements PPC’s technical advisory group’s knowledge base. We look forward to his input as we continue developing our work manufacturing advanced engineered carbon supports for fuel cell catalysts,” said Thomas J. Stephenson, Pajarito Powder, LLC’s, CEO & Chairman.

– Fuel Cell Expo 2016 (March)

Pajarito Powder was pleased to attend the Fuel Cell Expo for the fourth year, with thanks to assistance from a United States Trade Administration program managed by the New Mexico Economic Development Department that partially offsets the cost of trade shows for advanced technology New Mexico Companies.

As in prior years, the event was strategic for Pajarito Powder, and, per Tom Stephenson, Pajarito Powder’s Chairman and CEO, “provided us with exceptional opportunities to meet with many of our Asia customers and partners in one location over a compact time-frame.”

– Hannover Messe – Pajarito Powder Announces PHC-3000 (April)

Pajarito Powder used its 2016 attendance at Hannover Messe to announce commercial availability, and release technical specifications and pricing of the newly reformulated ECS product, the PHC-3000. Of note, for the first time in the fair’s history the United States was a Partner Country. Per the Hannover Messe 2016 In Review, “With its keynote theme of ‘Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions’ and the USA as its official Partner Country, the 2016 edition of the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology reverberated around the world.”

Highlights of the event, can be found on Pajarito Powder’s company page at Hannover Messe, (www.h2fc-fair.com/hm16/exhibitors/pajarito.html)

Highlights include:

Engineered carbon supports: For low precious-metal-content catalysts

Speaker: Dr. Alia Lubers, Catalyst Manufacturing Manager

True value proposition of low-platinum catalysts
Speaker: Tom Stephenson, CEO and Chairman

Booth photos

Hannover Messe Highlight Video


– Dr. Byron McCormick Joined Pajarito Powder Board of Managers (April)

Pajarito Powder was pleased to welcome Dr. Byron McCormick to its Board of Managers. Dr. McCormick’s illustrious career spans three decades of automotive EV and fuel cell development and commercialization.

A significant contributor to the earliest General Motors EV platform, the EV-1, Dr McCormick ultimately led General Motors fuel cell car development team, managing over 1,500 engineers, technicians and support staff in the most ambitious domestic FCEV program in North America. The program culminated with the HydroGen3 under McCormick’s leadership – a GM fuel cell powered Chevrolet Equinox.

Dr. McCormick has been member of the U.S. Energy Department’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee and a notably vocal advocate for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle development in America.

“Dr. McCormick brings outstanding experience and notable authority to the Pajarito Powder board of managers; his reputation and industry knowledge are unparalleled and provide a significant elevation to our efforts in the eyes of the FCEV industry” said Thomas J. Stephenson, Pajarito Powder, LLC’s, CEO & Chairman

– Steve Case Visits Pajarito Powder (October)

Pajarito Powder, LLC was visited by Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL and Chairman and CEO of Revolution, Senator Tom Udall and partners of the Rise of the Rest Road Trip last Thursday, October 6th.

Mr. Case was touring communities in America for the fifth year in a row, seeking novel technologies and engaging entrepreneurs as further proof of the innovation that resides outside of the traditional technology hubs in America. At each city visit, eight startups participate in a pitch competition for a $100,000 investment from Case. Mr Case also toured Pajarito Powder, and other mature Albuquerque startups as part of the day in Albuquerque.

Visit Steve Case’s blog, Rise of the Rest. (www.riseoftherest.com)

– National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day – Pajarito Powder Offers Special One-Day Pricing (October)

Pajarito Powder announced special, one day only pricing on NPC-2000 precious-metal-free catalyst on October 8th, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. The date 10.08 is symbolic of the atomic weight of hydrogen and was selected to highlight the economic evolution toward hydrogen energy storage and use.

Orders for 1.008 kg of Pajarito Powder’s NPC-2000 precious-metal-free catalyst, received on October 8th were eligible for our National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day pricing of $10.08 per gram.

Pajarito Powder was proud to join with other manufacturers of H2 products and innovations that are driving industrial adoption and economies of scale to support the special day.

– Pajarito Powder Participates in fCell World of Energy Solutions (October)

Pajarito Powder participated for the first time at the World of Energy Solutions, f-cell conference and trade fair for energy technology, October 10-12, at the Messe Stuttgart, in Stuttgart Germany.

Pajarito Powder displayed its precious-metal-free catalysts, the NPC-2000 product line and its newest product, PHC-3000, an advanced Engineered Carbon Support (ECS) for use in automotive applications. The Pajarito Powder team was on-site, hosting meetings with customers and partners in the fuel cell industry.

CEO & Chairman Thomas J. Stephenson stated, “We were very excited to exhibit for the first time at World of Energy Solutions and f-cell. We have a large number of customers in Europe and this placed us in a convenient venue and event to interact with many of them.”

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