Pajarito Powder and Los Alamos National Laboratory Win R&D100 Award

R&D100 Awards 2017

November 20, 2017

R&D Magazine hosted the annual the R&D100 Conference in Orlando, Florida on Friday, November 17th. Capping the prestigious event was the R&D100 Awards banquet, were Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and Pajarito Powder won in the category of Process/Prototypes on the collaboration “Clean-Energy Catalysts Without Precious Metals: Making next-generation fuel cells cost effective”. 

The effort was led by Pajarito Powder CTO & President, Dr. Barr Zulevi with the Pajarito Powder technical team and by Dr. Piotr Zelenay with LANL, who is also Chairman of Pajarito Powder’s Technical Advisory Board. 

Attending the event were Dr. Zelenay on behalf of LANL and Senior Director of Business Development, Webb Johnson, representing Pajarito Powder. 

“We are thrilled to win the R&D100 Award; it symbolizes a shift in awareness of this technology and the importance of catalysts will ultimately play in broad commercialization of fuel cells,” stated Dr. Zelenay. The project honored by the award was the basis for technology licensed by Pajarito Powder’s for its family of Precious Metal Free (PMF) catalysts, the world’s first purely precious-metal-free commercial catalysts for PEM fuel cells. 

Pajarito Powder CEO and Chairman, Thomas J. Stephenson commented, “This is an exceptional honor for a small startup; the editors of R&D100 see a broad spectrum of technologies and their impact upon an even broader group of industries – so their judgment reflects an informed perspective as to the technologies that will have a profound effect upon the world.”

Pajarito Powder, LLC is a venture-backed company that manufactures Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECS) and Precious Metal Free (PMF) catalysts for PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers. Customers range from automotive OEM and suppliers to Combined-Heat-and-Power (CHP), and makers of stationary fuel cells and electrolyzers. 

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