Pajarito Powder Recipient of 2017 SBIR Research Grant

June 14, 2017


Pajarito Powder is proud to announce that it is a recipient of a Small Business and Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant for 2017. As an SBIR grant recipient, Pajarito Powder ranks among a small number of firms who have been Federally recognized for their potential to improve existing technologies surrounding fuel cell catalysts.

The SBIR Grant, awarded by a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Energy, is intended for small businesses that have the potential to stimulate technological innovation and meet Federal R&D goals. The grant can be awarded in three phases; Phase I is meant to demonstrate a successful proof-of-concept, with those who succeed receiving a larger award in Phase II. Phase III is for technologies that have advanced enough to where they are ready for commercialization.

Pajarito Powder was awarded a Phase I grant for its potential to develop, implement and scale-up an innovative approach to building Durable Active Carbon Support systems (DACSs). The DACSs are heavily modified Precious-Metal-Free catalysts that, because of their sophisticated composition, reduce the overall amount of platinum needed. Dr. Alexey Serov, Chief Scientist at Pajarito Powder, says that the team’s approach will reduce “both carbon corrosion and platinum dissolution, increasing the overall durability of the fuel cell”.

Successful execution on the proof-of-concept in Phase I will allow Pajarito Powder to apply for Phase II of SBIR funding. “This project fits nicely with our core competencies as a company, and that’s great”, commented Dr. Alia Lubers, Pajarito Powder’s Catalyst Manufacturing Manager.


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