PPC Debuts New Improved non-PGM PEM Cathode Catalyst at World of Energy Solutions Conference

November 19, 2014

PPC was pleased to debut their new, improved non-PGM PEM Cathode Catalyst at World of Energy Solutions Conference, October 6th-8th.

Dr. Barr Halevi, CTO and President of Pajarito Powder, LLC, presented to a very focused audience onPrecious Metal Free Fuel Cell Catalysts, Concepts and Limits. Dr. Halevi’s presentation included updates on the current status of non-PGM fuel cell catalysts, as well as a discussion on the potential and challenges for deployment of precious metal-free fuel cell catalysts. Attendees included representatives from fuel stack manufacturers, research institutions, and the automobile industry.

Halevi noted, “We are focused upon dramatically improving the delivery of non-platinum fuel cell technology, and have designed the next generation of non-PGM PEM Cathode catalyst that features double durability of our initial catalyst. With this new catalyst, customers finally have, today, an economic and viable alternative to platinum catalysts. We are pleased to share this breakthrough with the World of Energy Solutions audience.”

Not only was the PPC presentation the only non-PGM catalyst presentation, Pajarito Powder was the only company presenting new catalyst technology in general. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and provided yet another example underlining the company’s focus on fully realizing the potential represented by their new catalyst formulations. There is clearly room in the industry for innovation, and PPC has seized the opportunity to commercialize theirs at what appears to be an optimal time.

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