Special Pricing on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

September 29, 2016

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Special Pricing on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

September 29th, 2016 • Posted by PPC • Permalink

Albuquerque, NM USA, Pajarito Powder, LLC the leader in precious-metal-free catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells, announces special, one day only pricing on NPC-2000 precious-metal-free catalyst on October 8th, National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day. The date 10.08 is symbolic of the atomic weight of hydrogen and was selected to highlight the economic evolution toward hydrogen energy storage and use.

Orders for 1.008 kg of Pajarito Powder’s NPC-2000 precious-metal-free catalyst, received on October 8th are eligible for our National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day pricing of $10.08 per gram. To place an order, please contact wjohnson@pajaritopowder.com.

Pajarito Powder is proud to join with other manufacturers of H2 products and innovations that are driving industrial adoption and economies of scale. With two products for the automotive industry, Pajarito Powder offers long term and contemporary solutions for reduced platinum and extended durability: NPC-2000 precious-metal-free catalyst and PHC-3000 Engineered Carbon Support (ECS), for customers with high-power density requirements, allowing for both increased activity at low levels of platinum and improved durability, with strong End-Of-Life (EOL) performance through carbon corrosion resistance.

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