Pajarito Powder’s PMF Catalyst High-Performing in EU Study


Pajarito Powder’s Fe-N-C catalyst (“PAJ” in the study, and commercially available precious-metal free catalyst) was rated as one of the “best-in-class Fe-N-C catalysts for PEMFC applications”. Pajarito Powder underwent a “cross-laboratory study” from University of Padua, Imperial College London, the Institut Charles Gerhardt (CNRS*-University of Montpellier-ENSCM), and the Technical University Berlin. This study is especially…

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Pajarito Powder PMF Industry Leading Precious-Metal-Free Catalyst

Pajarito Powder’s PMF Catalyst product, the original basis and first product of the company has received industry-wide acclaim in the form of orders. Sales of the novel catalyst have been strong and status of “State of the Art” was recently confirmed through purchases for benchmarking in leading FCH JU European research projects. Pajarito Powder customers…

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