Pajarito Powder Doubles Commercial Sales in 2020

Pajarito Powder doubled sales of commercial catalyst products over the difficult 2020 year. Despite numerous challenges to supply chain and transportation disruptions, facility social distancing requirements and limitations, and remote work spool-up, the Pajarito Powder team managed to double sales of commercial catalyst products over the prior year.  This was attributed, largely, to increased interest…

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Pajarito Powder Releases Engineered Electrolyzer Catalyst (EEC)

Iridium Oxide electrolyzer catalyst performance

Pajarito Powder’s newly released Engineered Electrolyzer Catalysts (EEC) provide a notable improvement in electrolyzer efficiency and performance. New publicly available data recently released on the performance of two specific products reflects advancements made in catalysts materials and progress toward major cost reductions. Pajarito Powder manufactures high-performance electrolyzer catalysts explicitly designed for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM),…

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