2018 Sales Growth

Pajarito Powder experienced excellent sales growth in 2018. Growth across all principle market regions was good, but exceptional in Asia (130+% growth), as well as North America. 2018 reflected strong growth across the three major product lines: Catalyst sales, utilizing our Engineered Catalyst Support (ECS) sported a 40% gain over 2017, while Precious-Metal-Free (PMF) catalysts…

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Catalysts Sales Double in 2017

Pajarito Powder

Pajarito Powder, LLC announced that sales of catalyst doubled, with 106% year-over-year growth for 2017. Pajarito Powder manufactures Engineered Catalyst Supports (ECS), Precious-Metal-Free (PMF) catalysts, as well as advanced catalysts based upon the ECS product. Technology has been licensed from the University of New Mexico (UNM.STC), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and L’Institut National de…

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