National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2016 a Follow Up

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National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day 2016 a Follow Up

December 29th, 2016 • Posted by PPC • Permalink

October 8, 2016 marked National Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day. A multitude of celebratory events took place, events hallmarking significant advances in fuel cell technology. Alternative fuel cell development began in earnest almost 40 years ago, when the world was experiencing firsthand the negative effects of dependence upon limited fuel sources.

Pajarito Powder was founded upon the premise of developing robust fuel cell catalyst supports that dramatically reduce the platinum component – a breakthrough that reduces reliance upon expensive, commodity price susceptible platinum, and also recognizes the need for alternatives that allow manufacturers peace of mind in terms of supply line reliability. Now several generations into the fuel cell arena, Pajarito Powder has recently launched the PHC-3000, an advanced Engineered Carbon Support (ECS) for use in automotive applications, and continues to distribute its precious-metal-free catalysts, the NPC-2000 product line. PHC-3000 is designed for use in high-power density applications where durability and performance must be uncompromising. The NPC-2000, a precious-metal-free catalyst changes the economics of fuel cell catalysts for low-power density applications, by substantially reducing the cost of catalysts. Continuing aggressive international expansion, Pajarito Powder is proud to play an ever expanding role in providing robust Engineered Carbon Supports for the automotive industry.

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