Pajarito Announces 250th Shipment

Pajarito celebrates 250th shipment

May 28, 2018

Pajarito Powder announced its 250th customer shipment in May of 2018, less than eighteen months after its 100th shipment in January of 2017, more than doubling the amount of product shipped in less than one third of the time it took to ship the first one hundred.

Pajarito Powder is excited about the increase in customer activity, but also the quality and prestige of the customers that are buying products. With substantially strong activity in the automotive space, as well as supplier/manufacturers of fuel cell and electrolyzer products, Pajarito Powder is continuing to improve its market position.

Pajarito Powder, LLC is a venture-backed startup, funded by the Verge Fund and other investors, focused on developing next-generation fuel cell catalysts and catalyst supports for the automotive and electrolyzer industries. Working with both automotive OEMs and major electrolyzer manufacturers, Pajarito Powder is well poised to lead in advanced catalyst and catalyst support development in rapidly developing clean/green hydrogen industries.

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Pajarito Powder benefits from resources provided by the State of New Mexico Economic Development Department:  JTIP, STEP and other programs through the Office of Science and Technology.