Steve Case visits Pajarito Powder as part of Rise of the Rest Road Trip

October 14, 2016

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Steve Case visits Pajarito Powder as part of Rise
of the Rest Road Trip

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Pajarito Powder, LLC was visited by Steve Case, Co-founder of AOL and Chairman and CEO of Revolution, Senator Tom Udall and partners of the Rise of the Rest Road Trip last Thursday, October 6th.

Mr. Case is touring the communities in America for the fifth year in a row, seeking novel technologies and engaging entrepreneurs as further proof of the innovation that resides outside of the traditional technology hubs in America. At each city visit, eight startups participate in a pitch competition for a $100,000 investment from Case. Mr Case also toured Pajarito Powder, and other mature Albuquerque startups as part of the day in Albuquerque.

Pajarito Powder CEO and Verge Fund Managing General Partner Thomas J. Stephenson added, “We were delighted to have Steve Case, Senator Tom Udall and the Rise of the Rest tour visit Pajarito Powder and see our transformative products for reducing the cost of fuel cells and, ultimately, accelerating market adoption of this green technology. We appreciate Steve Case and Rise of the Rest highlighting Albuquerque and other cities, showcasing the tremendous entrepreneurial spirit throughout America, beyond the communities conventionally thought of as centers of technology and innovation.”

Pajarito Powder demonstrated its precious-metal-free catalysts, the NPC-2000 product line and its newest product, PHC-3000, an advanced Engineered Carbon Support (ECS) for use in automotive applications. PHC-3000 is designed for ultra-low loadings of platinum, in high-power density applications where durability and performance must be uncompromising. The NPC-2000, a precious-metal-free catalyst changes the economics of fuel cell catalysts for low-power density applications, by substantially reducing the cost of catalysts.

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