Pajarito Powder Materials Highlighted in Journal of Power Sources Advances

Journal of Power Sources Advances

The Journal of Power Sources Advances published recent research on mesoporous iron-nitrogen co-doped carbon materials, Pajarito Powder’s VariPore™-based Fe-N-C PGM-free catalyst, as a cathode catalyst for anion exchange membrane (AEM) fuel cells. Pajarito Powder team members, CTO and President Barr Zulevi and Chief Scientist Alexey Serov are listed as authors of the published research, led…

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Pajarito Powder’s PMF Catalyst High-Performing in EU Study


Pajarito Powder’s Fe-N-C catalyst (“PAJ” in the study, and commercially available precious-metal free catalyst) was rated as one of the “best-in-class Fe-N-C catalysts for PEMFC applications”. Pajarito Powder underwent a “cross-laboratory study” from University of Padua, Imperial College London, the Institut Charles Gerhardt (CNRS*-University of Montpellier-ENSCM), and the Technical University Berlin. This study is especially…

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Pajarito Powder participates in research toward improving PGM-free fuel cells

Research led by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado School of Mines and supported by Pajarito Powder has been published the journal Nano Energy. “Improving the bulk gas transport of Fe-N-C platinum group metal-free nanofiber electrodes via electrospinning for fuel cell applications,” Sadia Kabir, Samantha Medina, Guanxiong Wang, Guido Bender, Svitlana Pylypenko, K.C. Neyerlin.…

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FC Seminar follow-up

Pajarito Powder participates in FC Seminar

The Pajarito Powder team exhibited at Fuel Cell Seminar in Long Beach, CA and participated in the preamble event, H2@Scale, hosted by the US Department of Energy.

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