Pajarito Team Members Coauthors on AEM Electrolysis Study

Self-adhesive ionomers for durable low-temperature anion exchange membrane electrolysis

Pajarito Powder colleagues Barr Zulevi, Ph.D. and Geoff McCool are coauthors along with members of faculty of Georgia Institute of Technology Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Dr. Zulevi, President and CTO of Research and Development for Pajarito Powder stated, “We’d like to share this paper recently published by our collaborators at Georgia Tech and USC using…

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Barr Zulevi, Ph.D. to Keynote at AIChE Regional Conference

Barr Zulevi at AIChE

Dr. Barr Zulevi, Pajarito Powder CTO of Research and Development will keynote at the AIChE Regional Conference, hosed by the University of New Mexico at the Centennial Engineering Center on April 23, 2022. Dr. Zulevi is a cofounder, chief technology officer in charge of research and development and president of Pajarito Powder, a venture-back company…

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Pajarito Powder CTO coauthor of AEM publication

Pajarito Powder’s CTO and President, Dr. Barr Zulevi is a co-author of the article, Understanding and Improving Anode Performance in an Alkaline Membrane Electrolyzer Using Statistical Design of Experiments, featured in Electrochimica Acta, an international journal for the publication of both original work and reviews in the field of electrochemistry. Dr Zulevi’s coauthors on this study…

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Pajarito Powder CTO invited to DOE Hydrogen Shot Summit Panel

CTO Dr Barr Zulevi on HydrogenShot panel

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – Aug 30, 2021 – U.S.-based startup Pajarito Powder will be represented by CTO and President Barr Zulevi at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Shot Summit on September 1st. The event, headlined by notable presenters, Bill Gates and plenary speakers John Kerry, US Senator Joe Manchin, and Deputy Energy Secretary…

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Pajarito Powder Materials Highlighted in Journal of Power Sources Advances

Journal of Power Sources Advances

The Journal of Power Sources Advances published recent research on mesoporous iron-nitrogen co-doped carbon materials, Pajarito Powder’s VariPore™-based Fe-N-C PGM-free catalyst, as a cathode catalyst for anion exchange membrane (AEM) fuel cells. Pajarito Powder team members, CTO and President Barr Zulevi and Chief Scientist Alexey Serov are listed as authors of the published research, led…

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Pajarito Powder to provide Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory advanced catalyst.

Advanced Catalyst Powder

Team includes Washington University St Louis (WUSTL), Proton Onsite and Ballard. Pajarito Powder, LLC is a subcontractor on the U.S. Department of Energy funded project “Novel Bifunctional Electrocatalysts, Supports and Membranes for High Performing and Durable Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells,” led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). The project will demonstrate the feasibility of a…

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