Pajarito Powder awarded $10 million to build out fuel cell supply chain

Albuquerque catalyst maker joins forces with two national labs, General Motors, and Strategic Analysis to develop lower-cost catalysts that will enable larger, more energy-intensive vehicles to be powered by hydrogen   March 25, 2024 — Albuquerque, N.M. — Pajarito Powder, LLC, a domestic developer and manufacturer of advanced catalysts, an enabling technology used in fuel…

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Byron McCormick Highlighted in Lawrence Burns Book “Autonomy.”

Byron McCormick cited in Larry Burns' book "Autonomy"

September 5th – Pajarito Powder Board Member and Albuquerque resident Dr. J. Byron McCormick is extensively featured in his former colleague Lawrence Burns’ new book “Autonomy,” about the coming revolution in personal transportation. Mr. Burns is the former corporate vice president of research and development for General Motors, who oversaw GM’s advanced technology, innovation programs,…

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