Pajarito Powder Chief Scientist Presents at International Fuel Cells Workshop

The 2nd International Fuel Cells Workshop, hosted by the Israeli Fuel Cells Consortium (IFCC) and The Israel National Research Center for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP), concluded on November 1st. The IFCC was formed to advance the fuel cells research in Israel, with emphasis on solutions for electro-mobility. The IFCC is composed of leading Israeli research institutions and is funded by the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, under the Umbrella of INREP.

Pajarito Powder’s Chief Scientist Dr. Alexey Serov attended the workshop and presented on the development of novel catalysts supports for deposition of platinum and platinum-based alloys. The emphasis was on comprehensive control of morphological and chemical properties of ECS by using VariPore method. The presentation resulted in a discussion on how the morphology of support will affect the size of platinum nanostructures and on how to control platinum particle size in the range of ~5nm in order to minimize platinum dissolution.

“In general, the workshop brought together the key researchers in the field of fuel cells from Europe, South Africa and United States. Presentations covered all aspects of fuel cell development: catalysis, optimization of electrodes, quantum chemical calculations as well as EU and US roadmaps for development of clean energy.” Commented Dr. Serov after the conference.

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